Michael Lyons (Canada / U.K.) És un artista i investigador resident a Kyoto- Japó, en residència a Crater-Lab i realitzant obra en paral·lel a Hangar i Jiwar.

“A major long-term interest is the social and human aspects of technology and in recent years I have been puzzled and intrigued by the revival of obsolescent technologies such as photochemical filmmaking and analogue modular sound synthesis. After decades of working mainly digitally, in 2013, I decided to investigate this directly engaging in the practices of photochemical filmmaking and synthesizer building. My filmmaking practice makes use of cheaply-purchased cameras and projectors and expired film. I often develop the films by hand, which can add texture and visual poetry to the work. I have also immersed myself in the community of modular synthesizer makers and use self-built synthesizers to make soundtracks for the short films. Through this activity I am gaining insight into the ongoing revival pre-digital technology and have gained new perspective into the social aspects of technological change.

My short films often investigate urban atmosphere and during my stay in Barcelona, I will be filming in Gràcia and other districts such as Poble Nou, where I often commute for my synthesizer building activity at Hangar. I will be developing these films by hand at Crater Lab, and I will also be trying to link sound and image using an ‘optisonic’ approach: light sensors are used to allow the films to guide the analogue synthesizer to create generative sound tracks.”


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