Dos performance que exploran el sonido óptico y sus resonancias visuales, realizadas por dos de los cineastas más activos de la escena contemporánea del cine analógico. Miembros y fundadores de Nanolab, uno de los laboratorios independientes de la red

Richard & Diana visitan Crater_lab por tercera vez y durante en su estancia en Barcelona , realizaran un taller de Contact Printer y una residencia Artística.

Cyclone Tracery

Richard Tuohy, 15 min, double 16mm projection, 2018

On Christmas eve in 1974, the city of Darwin in tropical northern Australia was devastated by Cyclone Tracy.  In this expanded cinema piece, a single film print, featuring only concentric circles is bi-packed against itself in two 16mm projectors simultaneously. Through this approach, the quadrupled image of circles is transformed into troubled patterns of pulsating and swirling interference and whaling sounds of tropical violence.

One Hand

4 x 16mm projectors with loops.  Single screen.  12 minutes.   Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie.  2021

A restless hand, folding and folding onto itself.  It makes no sound … and all the sound in the world.  In the era of covid, we have become used to making contact only through digital intermediaries.  Touching, making hand contact with each other, has taken on new meaning and new unexpected implications.    We increasingly reach without touching, and grasp with hands that remain empty, washing away in a digital stream.

A minimalist single-screen multi-projector work … for just one hand.