Expanded Cinematic Arts Residency CRATER-LAB / HANGAR 

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Within the framework of the European SPECTRAL project, CRATER-Lab in collaboration with HANGAR presents SCREEN: an artistic residency where artists can develop new works in Expanded Cinema in Barcelona, ​​experimenting with analog devices, photochemical film, light and sound.

SPECTRAL is a Creative Europe project developed by European laboratories that promote expanded cinematic art. Crater-Lab’s program in this project explores the screen as an active protagonist: receiving screen, expanded and contracted, in motion, light or dark, canvas screen, mirror screen, without screen, without projection…

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SCREEN ›› Crater-Lab offers three grants of four weeks of residence each, to carry out a project or part of a project of expanded cinema, paracinema, installation or film sculpture, that explores the concept of SCREEN.

These residencies are intended for artists whose work is focused on cinematic art practices such as live performance, installation, sculptures mainly worked with film / photochemical and/or in dialogue with other formats or disciplines particularly interested on the Screen and the Object of screening as a main subject. There will be specially welcomed proposals that suggest dialogues and relations with new media and other technologies. 

The SCREEN residency program aims to promote the transfer of knowledge and the material conditions necessary for the artists to work on their project, providing them with technical support and access to the laboratory for development and copies, as well as access to the lab’s space and equipment: projectors, loopers, screens and sound equipment, editing and post-production equipment: Laboratory, color and black and white positive developer, a contact printer, optical printer.

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The residency program covers fees and access to Crater-Lab/Hangar facilities and equipment. In the case of artists who do not reside in Catalonia, the grant also covers round trip travel and accommodation expenses.

The participants will receive an honorarium of 1000 euros for the development of the proposal. 

The residency will take place at Hangar / Crater-Lab in Barcelona, Spain.

Artists in residence will stay in a one-bedroom apartment during four weeks in Fabra i Coats, Barcelona.

The program covers travel expenses up to a maximum of 300 euros.

Projects of more than one artist, duo or collective are admitted, and they will therefore have to share workspace, fees, as well as travel expenses.

Selected artists will have the opportunity to attend a one-day technical workshop developed by a member of Crater-Lab. It is important to express interest in attending these technical workshops in advance to facilitate the use of the devices/facilities and the correct Lab’s coordination. A designated contact person will be available to answer the artist’s questions and connect him/her with local institutions.

The program offers three grants, one local, one national and one at international level. The residencies are scheduled to be:

  • 1) 01/07/2023 al 30/07/2023
  • 2) 01/09/2023 al 30/09/2023 
  • 3)  27/10/2023 al 27/11/2023 

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Each artista during the residency must:

  1. Offer a workshop on an aspect of his/her specialty in the field of analogue film/performance art for the members of Crater-Lab and Hangar.
  2. Offer a public presentation of the Expanded Film Project, whether in the final stage or in development.
  3. Produce a one page report along with two photographs documenting the residency process.

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How to apply? People who wish to present themselves must send their proposals through this form:

Deadline for submission of applications: March 15 to April 30, 2023 at 23:55 CET
Selection process: The jury will be constituted by members of Crater-Lab and a member of
Resolution: the results will be communicated by email on May 15, 2023

Contact email:

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*SPECTRAL (Spatial, Performative & Expanded and Cinematics Transnational Research in Artist-run Labs) is a joint project initiated by six labs that focuses on a variety of types of work with photochemical moving images. SPECTRAL has been conceived to support the creation and dissemination of Expanded Cinematographic Art (ECA) and foster international collaborations to ensure that this type of artistic practice can thrive in the future.

** CRATER-Lab is a collectively organized film lab in Barcelona, ​​open to all those interested in working with photochemical film with an artistic and experimental approach. The lab provides all the technical devices and production tools necessary to make film-based projects. The collective is a platform compromised with the exchange of ideas and experiences around the practice of analogue cinema. It runs regular workshops, film screenings and exhibitions and is part of a network of artist-run film labs around the world.

***SCREEN Expanded cinematic arts residency program, is developed by Crater-Lab in within the SPECTRAL project. With the support of Hangar and Fabra i Coast and thanks to the Barcelona City Council, Generalitat Catalunya and European Union.