En el marco de las actividades de SPECTRAL, dedicadas a las artes cinemáticas expandidas, Crater-Lab presenta este doble programa con el cineasta japonés, TAKASHI MAKINO, uno de los artistas visuales más influyentes y activos del panorama internacional en el ámbito del cine expandido y el cine experimental.

Takashi presenta en Barcelona dos actividades complementarias. El Sábado 13 propone un programa de varias de sus películas y una performance de cine expandido en la que imagen digital, imagen 16mm y sonido en directo nos transporta al cosmos a través de sus imágenes 3D. Un programa que combina los mejores trabajos iniciales, con los mas recientes realizados durante la pandemia, podemos ver qué cambió y qué no cambió en la expresión de Makino.

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Como complemento a esta sesión, Takashi impartirá el taller 3d ORGANIC PERFORMANCE ›› + INFO

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PROYECCIÓN // SÁBADO 13 Mayo // 20h // Hangar, Sala Ricson

Still in cosmos // Film // 2008 // 17min // music by Jim O’Rourke

“I do not think that the word ‘chaos’ means ‘confusion’ or ‘disarray’, rather I believe it refers to a state in which the name or location of ‘objects’ remains unknown. For instance , If a bird escapes from its cage , the world it discovers outside will appear to be chaos , but if it joins with a flock of other birds , it will gradually learn to apply ‘names’ to various placesーa safe place , a dangerous place, etc., thereby creating cosmos (order).
None of the creatures that exist in the world are born of there own volition ; when they first achieve awareness , they find themselves adrift in chaos. It is only by creating cosmos that they are able to overcome the fundamental meaningless and fear of existence.
When watching a film, the viewers all sit in the same darkness and receive the same light and sound but each of them sees a different dream. I believe that this symbolizes a reversion to their initial state , that when they look at total chaos through newborn eyes , they give birth to a new cosmos. Though this process they are able to reconfirm their existence which is an act of true creativity.
Human being have produced a world of speech that we are taught is real, but I believe the truth is that we carry many important things with us though our lives that cannot be satisfactorily expressed in words or images.
I sincerely hope that the violent chaos that exists in Still in cosmos will give rise to the same number of new cosmoses as there are viewers.
” Takashi Makino

[Untitled] // Film // 2020 // 20 min// Music Lawrence English + Voice Esperanza Collado

Produce and Directed by Takashi Makino Music by Lawrence English Text and Voice by Esperanza Collado Noise and surround sound edit by Takashi Makino Sound mix by Iwao Yamazaki (Atelier Himawari) “Untitled” is a collage film that combines the image and sound by Takashi Makino, the music by Lawrence English, and the automatic writing text by Esperanza Collado, which were produced between March and June 2020 when the first attack of Coronavirus began to hit the world. For the first time in a my work, a clear “language” is used. The image projected on the screen, the image imagined inside the viewer, and the memory evoked by words repeat reflections with reality, and organically connecting us and this real world’s situation. Takashi Makino 25 July 2020

Microcosmos // Film // 2021 // 12min

“Micro Cosmos” es un documental experimental no narrativo que registra 100 collages producidos por Makino en 2021 en orden cronológico.

Space Noise 3D // Film and Video live performance // 30min


Hangar, Emilia Coranty 16, 08018, Barcelona

Sabado 13 Mayo // 20h

Entrada: 5 euros

Un proyecto de crater-lab, en el marco del proyecto europeo SPECTRAL //

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